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Perhaps part of Zoosk's charm is it's simplistic, straightforward approach to matching members. You don’t have to take a three-hour long questionnaire to sign up or play around with the site for days to figure out how to make it work best for you. There’s also no distracting homescreen with newsfeed updates and an overwhelming amount of notifications. Rather, the site and app feature clear cut sections which display individual profiles one by one, whether you are viewing search results, browsing who’s online, or playing their hot or not (or maybe) game. With one profile in front of you at all times, there’s no confusion about who you are viewing, and more importantly, no distractions as there are with most other online dating sites and apps. Zoosk also fosters a low-key, low-pressure environment. You also have the ability to go back and forth seamlessly between profiles, so there’s no rush to decide if you want to make a connection with someone on the spot unless you’re playing the hot-or-not game called Carousel.

I wanted to inform you I was use zoosk nd I buy a premium package of live chat only for 1 month but you took money from my account every month so cancel it please because I m not use zoosk any more. Thnkx, Muhammad atique

Worst POS dating site EVER! Seriously! I put photos us. They alter (remove the date) or take them down completely. My photos are all tasteful and Zoosk has no problem with them. Problem is, Zoosk doesn't allow you to add a description of your photos; like all of the other sites. I put a tiny date in the corner of my photos to show how current they are and/or when they were taken and Zoosk won't allow that!

How ridiculous it that? A DATE! That alone is enough to make me NOT renew my subscription! My photos are all tasteful! They allow men to post photos of themselves by a pool wearing only a bathing suit. Tons of exposed skin and they...remove my photos because they have an innocuous date in the corner of the photo??? I've seen photos of women in compromising positions and scantily clad and they leave them up but...they keep removing MY photos because they have a tiny, non-distracting date in the corner of the photo??? I've seen tons of stupid photos! Pictures of animals! Pictures of scenery! No photo at all! And they are concerned with a DATE!!!

They need to STOP micro censuring, being big brother and sweating the small stuff; like a date!!! People WANT to know how long ago the photo was taken!!! They WANT to know how old they are!!! I dated a man who went out with a woman on this site an her photos were 20 years old. The poor guy didn't get the woman he saw in the photos and felt cheated! HE didn't renew his subscription because of that!

They need to GET WITH THE TIMES and do what every other sites do! Even the free sites do it! Allow members to give a short description!!! Leave members post whatever F-ing photos I want as long as they are in good taste and they are not promiscuous or trashy! I've wasted so much time trying to put MY photos up the way I want them and they keep messing with them...

And...there is not even a way for members to contact you or ask a question on the site!!! Talk about NOT being member friendly, BAD customer service and valuing their PAYING MEMBERS!

Tons of little ways to get you to pay more for things that should e included in their price that should compare to other sites; but doesn't.

HELLO! They rely on paying members to stay in business and it's a nightmare of wasted money.

Zoosk dating customer service number

Zoosk dating customer service number