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Violence and uncertainty
Southwark at the turn of the millennium was, like much of the country, a place scarred by violence and political uncertainty. In 1013 the Anglo-Saxon king, Ethelred the Unready, was chased out of London by the fearsome Danish warrior-king Sweyn Forkbeard. Ethelred fled to Normandy, but Sweyn’s rule proved short-lived: in February 1014, weeks after taking the crown, he dropped dead.

  July 1949 to ? Defining characteristics of sets for this period:

  • Board copyright: 1948
  • *NEW* Rule copyright: 1949
  • *NEW* Box top material: "bumpy" texture.
  • Rectangular SCRABBLE sticker on box top.
  • No trademark registration for SCRABBLE.
  • No mention anywhere of Selchow & Righter.
  • Think of this as the early part of the "1949 Rules/pre-Registered Trademark" period. I use the July 23, 1949, copyright for the rules as the nominal starting point for this period. As always, the copyright notice is given below the rules printed inside the inner lid . There are still only four example plays given at the bottom, but in the 1949 rules, they are referenced from within the rules. (See my page on Scrabble rules through the decades .) (Click to enlarge.) Copyright 1949 by The Production and Marketing Corporation, Newtown, Connecticut. Previous Edition Copyright 1948 by The Production and Marketing Corporation. The board in this period is the same as before (showing the same 1948 copyright date) but I show the photo of this one as well because it goes a bit higher and lets you see more clearly the absence of the registered trademark (R) symbol below the E in "SCRABBLE". (Click to enlarge.)
    COPYRIGHT 1948 by PRODUCTION AND MARKETING CORPORATION -- NEWTOWN CONN. Now the box top material has what I mundanely call the "bumpy" texture. Here's a swatch, side by side with the previous, "featureless" texture.      
    Left: 1948 "featureless" box top texture.
    Right: 1949 "bumpy" box top material.  
    In this early phase, Brunot was still wrestling with the tiles . The tiles shown below are from a set from this period owned by Daniel Brannan. Daniel graciously supplied photos clearly showing the laminated wood (., plywood).
    Early Scrabble tiles, laminated.  
    Another set from this period has solid wood tiles. Artem found it at an estate sale in Santa Cruz, California in latter 2011, and kindly shared his photos with us. Here's a closeup of the tiles - D O N (hey, that's a NOD to me!) Assuming that, once solid wood came into use for the tiles, Brunot never returned to the laminated wood, we would conclude that Artem's set came after Daniel's. The characters are more carefully positioned, and note the more stylish "1".
    Early Scrabble tiles, solid wood.  
    Brunot's experimentation with tiles in the early years will make an interesting story in itself.

    History of dating and courtship

    History of dating and courtship