Esp8266 hookup guide - SparkFun ESP8266 Thing - Dev Board - WRL-13711 - SparkFun.

the latest IDE which comes with ESP8266 compatibiliy.

installing, add ESP support to the IDE
Go to File - Preferences - in Preferences window go to "additional boards manager URL's" where you need to paste the following link: https:///arduino-board-index/pa... adafruit link down(thx FrankHerrmann)

We’d like to thank Rudy who translate the entire datasheet, we recommend all developers take a look at this before you tinkering.

These are the various concepts that people may need to know while learning a technology tutorial and could be required to complete a ‘hookup’ tutorial. Concepts are most often a general building block that may be built upon other concepts. Concepts can generally be learned without physical objects but are reinforced with a hookup tutorial.

Esp8266 hookup guide

Esp8266 hookup guide