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A new high-tech facility recently opened in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi with objective to support the country’s young creative thinkers as they attempt to utilize their entrepreneurial talents and innovative potential ...

Only long and varied exciting sessions in my complete renovated BDSM-Bunker in the woods, only 100 meter from the border Germany and the Netherlands.

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All SAFE, clean and without any risk at all.

كوره على هالموضوع والله ينولج الي في بالج ب
ياريت تحطيلنا صورت الكريم واسمه والله يجعله في ميزان حسنات لله

The ultimate dream for masters and slaves:

On the border of the woods I have rented a complete underground BDSM-bunker and a old wooden horse barn with a complete BDSM-equipment for very special and long sessions. All SAFE and CLEAN, without any risk. I have some different locations in the woods. For the masters and slaves who has been here before the long and very special session in my bunker was their ultimate dream! A trustable and masculine Master with a lot of expierences, special equipment and toys where everybody can dream about.... :) .

— REFUGREENERGY — We are a mission-driven company with a balanced focus on social, health and environmental impact, innovation, …

Site de rencontre futur

Site de rencontre futur